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Kirsty Birkett reflects on the European refugee crisis and questions the ethical system being used to argue the issues.
The problem of illegal immigration is not going away. Crowds of people are sleeping on the side of the road in their desperation to reach Britain. The Prime Minister takes drastic action. Governments across Europe are getting desperate at the overwhelming flood. What can be the solution? What do we do?
The problem with the discussion as it is currently being carried out, is that it is not really about immigration at all. It is about which ethical system we should use to make the decision.
Yet this point seems to go unrecognised. People think they're arguing about immigration, so they make arguments about immigrants, when they should be asking: on what ethical basis is the decision made? That is where the government is winning the argument. They have persuaded us that their system of ethical decision-making is the right one, without ever justifying their position, and without ever been called to account for it.
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Yesterday, seven Oak Hill students fell out of cars in the Academic Centre car park and crawled their way back to their homes, limbs barely functioning.
We'd returned from completing the Three Peaks Challenge – a gruelling 24 hours up and down the highest mountain in each of England, Scotland and Wales. It was an incredible trip, fuelled by a thirst for adventure and a love of the outdoors that stretches beyond a stroll around Trent Park. In total we'd driven 1100 miles, climbed 3400 metres and walked over 24 miles – and we did it in 23 hours and 52 minutes.
There are far too many highlights to mention here. The stunning scenery that we had the joy of being immersed in – what a glorious Creator! The opportunity to navigate up a mountain at 4am with guys that you're also training for ministry alongside is such a privilege. The sheer emotion of running across the finish line at the bottom of Snowdon with just eight minutes to spare, tears streaming down your face, utterly spent after only two hours sleep – here are memories that will surely last for a long, long time.
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