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Robin Ham bloigs about opening week at Oak Hill.
It was great to welcome nearly 50 new students to Oak Hill last week as the academic year began in earnest. Opening week was a flurry of new faces, special events, as well as a few sumo-suits thrown in for good measure.
On Monday evening we all gathered together for the annual opening service, where Mike Ovey shared the cultural paradigm shift of 1 Corinthians 2. As theological students we're ultimately seeking to be those who are about a different kind of wisdom, God's wisdom. It may look upside down to some, but it is actually this wisdom of the cross that turns the world the right way up.
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Kirsty Birkett comments on media coverage of three major news events in the past few weeks.
'As wars rage, it is hard to make sense of the horror witnessed in Gaza, Ukraine and Syria.' That is the front page subheading of the lead article for this week's The Guardian Weekly by Jonathan Freedland (with the main title: 'Sifting through the wreckage of tragic news, we struggle to find meaning').
The article is a well written and thoughtful reflection on the horrors of this past week, as Israel increased its response to Hamas's constant firing upon its citizens, Malaysia airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, and a further 115 people, 25 of them civilians, were killed in Syria. The horrors of the plane wreck, of a father picking up the remains of his two year old son in Gaza – these are 'unbearable', the author writes. True.
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The Summer 2014 edition of Commentary focuses on the possibilities and responsibilities
of the imagination. Read here
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Matt Chandler
David Powlison, Director of CCEF, talks to Steve Midgley about the meaning and approach of biblical counselling.
Grace Forsythe
Grace Forsythe was an independent student at Oak Hill, called to ministry in an urban priority area.
Tony Ford
Tony Ford is chaplain to Oldham Rugby League Football Club, with many opportunities to do pastoral work and share the gospel.
Daf Meirion-Jones
Daf Meirion-Jones and Martyn Ayers work in a parish with council housing, university halls and three mosques.