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Commentary: Winter 2009/10

The following features are in the Winter 2009/10 edition of Commentary. Click the links below to read selected articles online, or download the whole magazine as a PDF. To comment on any particular article, or on the magazine as a whole, please go here.

Giving it all away
Mike Ovey reflects on knowledge, information sharing and the gospel

Absolute truth in the age of shopping
Dan Strange argues for a creative and subversive approach in presenting the uniqueness of Christ in our culture

Excess baggage?
One of our students wondered what use his first year studies would be during a summer in a Muslim-majority country

Pitting faith against science
Kirsty Birkett explores the growth of naturalism, which gave rise to the modern idea that science and faith are implacably opposed to each other

Fake blood and moral outrage
Nick Tucker think about the double standards in public debate about morality

Christians v Philistines
Daniel Roe reflects on truth, beauty and confidence in artistic expression

Healing a hopeless world
Ray Porter asks: are we seeing the unity in Christ across cultures and races that is central to the New Testament gospel?

Matthew Sleeman reviews
Signposts by Derek Tidball, and Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew by Jonathan Pennington
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