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Commentary: Winter 2010/11

The following features are in the Winter 2010/11 edition of Commentary. Click the links below to read a selected article online, or download the whole magazine as a PDF. To comment on any particular article, or on the magazine as a whole, please go here.

To be or not to be... transhuman
As we witness significant progress in genetic engineering, reproductive science and nanotechnology, the prospect of improving on the human body is opening up. Kirsty Birkett explores the arguments for and against human enhancement

The one big question
‘For as long as I can remember, suffering has been the major block to belief,’ says Bishop Michael Baughen. In an interview with Commentary, he speaks about his new book on the subject, The One Big Question

Killing time
Mike Ovey reflects on the distractions of modern life and the response of the gospel

Jesus to a child
Did Jesus really say ‘you must never waste food’? Did Adam and Eve cover themselves up because they were cold? David Shaw sorts the Bible from the story in children’s story Bibles

Are people plastic?
Why does our age view gender and sexuality as open to endless change? Peter Sanlon explores the issues which surround Queer Studies

Preaching in 3D
Faced with a sermon to write on Hosea chapter 14, Chris Green turns down the temptation to fill it full of stuff from commentaries and gets down to the tough questions asked by the average unbeliever

Hall of distorting mirrors
In The X-Factor and other shows, British culture is reflected back to us in all its consumerist reality, says Nick Tucker. But can Christian theology help us make a difference?

Matthew Sleeman, Lecturer in New Testament and Greek, looks at two new books with the power to widen our horizons of life: God Doesn't Do Waste, and Scripture, Culture and Agriculture
commentary magazine  
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