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Commentary: Summer 2011

The following features are in the Summer 2011 edition of Commentary. Click the links below to read a selected article online, or download the whole magazine as a PDF. To comment on any particular article, or on the magazine as a whole, please go here.

Spring comes to the Arab world
Since the start of the year, the Arab world has been defying all predictions. Ray Porter, Director of World Mission studies at Oak Hill, reflects on the Arab Spring

Thou shalt not be certain
In the lexicon of modern sins, 'thou shalt not be certain' seems firmly established as a cardinal offence. Mike Ovey looks at why this has happened and explores the sins of certainty and uncertainty.

Chris Green, Vice Principal of Oak Hill, has been reading two books this summer which make ideal reading for church planters: Viral Churches by Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird, and Onward by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Personal evangelism
Michael Lawson argues that the litmus test of belief is whether you believe the gospel is urgent. The decline in personal evangelism therefore raises some tough questions

Digging into the Bible's past
A recent TV series pitted archaeology against the Bible in at attempt to explose its 'buried secrets'. Matt Hornby argues that archaeology has in fact confirmed many aspects of the Bible record.

Looking for someone to trust
This has been a year in which the apparently rock-solid has suddenly failed. Nick Tucker, Research Fellow at Oak Hill, thinks through our misplaced attempts to find and possess security

Don't give up, Japan!
For 15,000 people, life came to an end in Japan on March 15th when a colossal earthquake struck at 2.46pm. Former Oak Hill student Nat Ayling, who is working in the country, reflects on the tragedy, questions and promise of the event for Japanese people.

Jeremy Taylor and toleration
Toleration of the different beliefs of others is so deeply ingrained into the secular mindset, it is widely believed to have been invented by secularists. Peter Sanlon, who lectures in doctrine and church history at Oak Hill, traces its roots to a rather different source.

Mastermind of history
We live in uncertain, menacing times, says Dan Strange. How do we cope in the face of secularism, multiculturalism, Islam and consumerism, to name just a few of today's challenges?
Above: Demonstrators commandeer an army truck in Tahrir Square, Cairo, January 2011. Photo: RamyRaoof  
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