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nick tucker on same sex marriage
Commentary: Summer 2012

The following features are in the Winter 2011 edition of Commentary. Click the links below to read each article online, or download the whole magazine. To comment on any particular article, or on the magazine as a whole, please go here.

Living faith in a secular society
Mike Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill, introduces the underlying theme of this edition of Commentary: the distinctive challenges Christians face today from secularism

Same sex marriage: when chickens come home to roost
Nick Tucker, Research Fellow at Oak Hill, argues that same-sex marriage is not the thin but the thick end of the wedge, as the redefinition of marriage has been underway for years

Emotional depth in the secular city
Peter Sanlon who lectures in doctrine and church history at Oak Hill, and who also ministers in Tottenham, reflects on the vital importance of emotional sincerity and depth in ministry and mission

Valuing the vulnerable
David Potter MBE, the founder of Prospects, a Christian charity which supports people with learning disabilities, explores the biblical basis for valuing every human life

Challenging equality Britain
Mike Ovey, the Principal of Oak Hill, looks at the challenges and contradictions of equality Britain and asks: what has broken, and how do we begin to fix it?

Tolerance, intolerance and mission
Dan Strange and Peter Sanlon talk about how local churches can break down the culture of hostility against the Christian faith by being places of welcome, generosity and creative mission

Faith and reason: good partners
Kirsty Birkett, Oak Hill's Academic Dean, takes issue with atheists who attempt to set faith and reason against each other. "Both are part of our process of living wisely in the world," she says

A nice, tidy overseas adventure
Charles Anderson, who has taught New Testament and Biblical Hebrew at Oak Hill for the past five years, reflects on what he has learned about faith and culture as he prepares to return home to the United States

Chris Green, Vice Principal of Oak Hill, has been reading two books recently, "one almost unbearably trivial, the other deeply serious", which relate to faith in the modern world

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