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duncan forbes on council estate christianity
Council estate Christianity

"On more than one occasion I have had to counsel people on being witnesses in court cases," says Duncan Forbes. "When the families of witnesses are threatened, you find yourself in a tricky ethical situation – protect the family or stand up for truth?"

Read how Duncan engaged in fresh theological thinking to bring the gospel to his council estate (PDF, 3.3Mb)

Commentary: Winter 2012-13

The following features are in the Winter 2012-13 edition of Commentary. Click the links below to read each article online, or download the whole magazine. To comment on any particular article, or on the magazine as a whole, please go here.

Real faith, real world
What happens when strongly-held religious conviction collides with real life experience? Mike Ovey, Principal of Oak Hill, introduces the underlying theme of this edition of Commentary (PDF, 0.5Mb)

American politics and the evangelical vote
Many in Britain believe it was the American evangelical vote which kept George W Bush in office for eight years, and which promised to put Mitt Romney there too. Seulgi Byun begs to differ (PDF, 6.8Mb)

Pastoral crisis and media storm
When two policewomen were recently killed in the line of duty in Manchester, the church’s man on the spot was James Halstead, who graduated from Oak Hill three years ago. He shares his experience of the fast-unfolding events (PDF, 2.2Mb)

Worlds in collision
CS Lewis famously observed that modern people have half a dozen different philosophies turning round inside their heads. Mike Ovey asks, how do we work with the anxiety this produces? (PDF, 3Mb)

Council estate Christianity
When Duncan Forbes planted New Life Church on the Alton Estate in south London, he was faced with social situations which demanded fresh theological thinking (PDF, 3.3Mb)

Cycles of deceit
Two cultural idols came crashing down this year: the cyclist Lance Armstrong and ‘TV personality’ Jimmy Savile. Both had bulletproof reputations, which were maintained by intimidation and moral blackmail. Nick Tucker asks what we can learn from the systems which kept them in place (PDF, 1.4Mb)

Commuter Christianity
Should churches be running evangelistic events or equipping their people to become better evangelists in their daily lives? Chris Green looks at different ways of getting the gospel out (PDF, 7Mb)

Faith under bombardment
We interview former Oak Hill student Martin Ayers, who is now serving a curacy in Preston, about his new book on doubt and faith (PDF, 0.5Mb)

Matthew Sleeman has been reading two books which focus on the need for public places which foster community, acceptance and participation. Sounds familiar? (PDF, 0.5Mb)
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