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ray porter on christian marriage
Christian marriage

"The answer to a bad marriage law is the grace of a good marriage. A Christian marriage is not just a ceremony that reminds us of biblical teaching. The greatest Bible concept for marriage is that it is a witness to the relationship between Christ and his church."

Ray Porter argues that while the fight against same-sex legislation may continue for some time, we should begin to examine how Christian might act once the bill becomes law.

Commentary: Summer 2013

The following features are in the Summer 2013 edition of Commentary. Click the links below to read each article online, or download the whole magazine. To comment on any particular article in PDF format, or on the magazine as a whole, please go here.

Enough said
Mike Ovey introduces this edition of Commentary by reflecting on the unchanging sufficiency of scripture, in a culture which creates new issues and situations for Christians to navigate.

Christian marriage in a changing culture
While the fight against same sex marriage legislation may continue for some time, Ray Porter argues that we should begin to examine how Christians might act once the bill becomes law.

Ministering to the 'hidden church'
Caroline and Rob Bridgewater think through how churches can provide better pastoral support to the 'hidden church' of single women, working mothers and women in professional roles.

Putting together the jigsaw of revelation
Ash Carter and Rich Aldritt, both third year students at Oak Hill, joined forces to write a book which makes the subject of revelation accessible for every Christian. We asked them about it.

God's centre of attention: the church
Churches today are told to be purpose-driven, Jesus-driven, contagious, unstoppable, emerging, five-star or 'come as you are'. Chris Green, who has recently authored a book about church, explains why he is more deeply committed than ever to God's people.

The ego trip generation
After 50 years of being told how important it is to affirm ourselves via the power of positive thinking, Glynn Harrison asks how we can rediscover grace in a culture of self-esteem.

Too middle class?
Why are churches in socially mixed areas often not as diverse as the places they are meant to serve? Jon Putt talks to a group of pastors who are trying to change things.

Vulnerability in pastoral ministry
Pastoral ministry is relational, and so it involves watchfulness, vulnerability and integrity. Julian Hardyman explores people-centred ministry which is made possible and joyful through Godís grace.

Dementia and what it is to be human
Matthew Sleeman has been reading a book which takes a critical look at how society and the church treat people living with dementia.
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