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Commentary: Summer 2014

Welcome to the Summer 2014 edition of Commentary, the twice-yearly magazine of Oak Hill. Please click the links below to read each article online, or download the whole magazine. To comment on any particular article, or on the magazine as a whole, please go here.

Imagine this
Mike Ovey introduces this edition of Commentary with a reflection on the life and responsibilities of the godly imagination

It's time to get glocal
Dave Baldwin ponders the challenges of glocalisation for today’s church – thinking globally but acting locally – with the help of an Instamatic camera and a Scalextric handset

A marriage of convenience or conviction?
Some evangelical Anglicans, frustrated by changes in the Church of England, question whether they should stay in the church or leave it. Fiona Gibson explains why she is for staying

Standing on the rock
When Dan Strange visits Athens, he’s drawn to an ancient outcrop of rock. It’s where Paul gave a speech to the Athenians which continues to set the agenda for apologetics

Comic strip theology
Richard Thomas is a comic strip artist who has iullustrated most of the books between Genesis and Revelation. We asked for his take on the culture and theology of comic books.

A question of happiness
Happiness is a big subject right now in many areas of study, including economics, philosophy and sociology. But what is happiness? Kirsty Birkett goes in search of an answer

God, neutrinos and the why of science
Dr David Lee was a particle physicist, smashing atoms at a laboratory in Oxford, but he has just completed his training at Oak Hill as an Anglican ordinand. We asked for his take on science and faith

Shaped by the psalms
The psalms opened up to Matt Searles when he experienced hard times in his personal life. In this interview he explains how he came to record songs based on the psalms and how they have shaped his ministry

Christians and dating
No verse in the Bible mentions boyfriends, girlfriends or dating. But that doesn’t mean the Bible has nothing to say about it all, argues Barnaby Monteiro

Ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child
Do today's parents and educators understand childhood and work to nurture its capacity for wonder and imagination? Chris Ansberry has been reading a book which challenges the way we bring up our children
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