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In this video, Efrem Buckle, Pastor of Ecclesia, Lewisham, talks about the value of the theological training he received at Oak Hill College. Says Efrem:

One of my first engagements, having stepped into the pastorate, was to lead the funeral of the mother of one of the brothers at church. It was huge. There were five or six hundred people there, standing room only.

People were looking at me as the one speaking on God's behalf – and I felt the weight of that. I was like, 'This pastoring thing is no joke. If I'm going to speak on God's behalf and it's going to impact people’s lives, I'd better be as confident and as clear as I can be in what I'm saying.'

Going into theological training and bringing that into my context has been tremendously beneficial. I learnt from great men who have gone before, great men of our time, people who have spent a lot of time praying and thinking about the issues of scripture and then communicating that in clear and erudite ways. That, for me, was a privilege.

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