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In this video, Mark Smith, church planter and pastor at City Church, Dublin, talks about why he studied theology and how it resources the work he does now in ministry. Says Mark:

God is infinitely beautiful; he is infinitely interesting. There will never be a moment of my life – and as I progress in to eternity and into the new creation – that I won't be surprised or overjoyed by God. I can constantly dig deeper into the treasures he has in himself, and never be bored, never reach the bottom of that.

I encourage everybody to begin that exploration because you are constantly dredging up new treasures you never realised were there. Don't be content with a superficial understanding of who God is, because there is so much more to explore and to enjoy.

My theological education was and is invaluable. Without it I wouldn't now be able to meet different people, with different needs and questions, and engage them with both the beauty of God and the challenge of the gospel. That is something I want to do throughout my whole life, and theological education has set me up to be able to realise that goal.

the best possible gift  
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