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Into all the world

In this new Oak Hill booklet, eight former Oak Hill students tell their stories of Christian ministry today, from cities, towns and villages across the UK. These stories of ministry come from the inner cities of Edinburgh, Leith and Brixton, the leafy commuter village of Lindfield, as well as from churches and projects in Kempston, Barrow-in-Furness, Shepherd’s Bush and Westminster.

Each of these gospel workers took time while they were in college to study God's word, grow in faith, become equipped for ministry, and to be rooted in Christ. They took time to ask themselves, how can I become the best possible gift for Christ to give to his church? Robin Ham, who works with his wife Zoe in pioneer ministry at a church in Barrow-in-Furness, uses a striking image to describe the radical flexibility of his theological training in preparing him for ministry in different situations. He says:

'The training I received at Oak Hill has been completely practical. It's like the difference between a train and a Land Rover. The train is stuck on the tracks. It can't really go anywhere else, but the Land Rover is adaptable. It can drive on any terrain. What I received from my time at Oak Hill is the ability to come to a new place, listen to the community, and serve in a completely new context.'

Read Robin and Zoe's story online above, or else download the Into all the world booklet here.

We will be posting videos of all the stories from the booklet in the next weeks and months:

Jon Putt, Kempston, Bedford
Gabrielle Samuel, Brixton
Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne, Lindfield, Sussex
Robin and Zoe's Ham. Barrow-in-Furness


Click here for the Into All the World booklet as a PDF

Read above the new Oak Hill booklet, Into all the world. Or download it as a PDF

Click here for the video of Jon Putt

See our video of Jon Putt, who works as part of the ministry team in Kempston, near Bedford

Click here for the video of Gabrielle Samuel

See our video of Gabrielle Samuel, who is part of a ministry team in Brixton

Click here for the video of Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne

See our video of Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne, who are part of the ministry team in Lindfield, Sussex

Click here for the video of Robin and Zoe Ham

See our video of Robin and Zoe Ham's story of pioneer ministry in Barrow-in-Furness


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