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Graham Beynon, Oak Hill's Director of Independent Ministry Training, and Mark Pickles, Director of Anglican Ministry Training, talk about how Oak Hill brings students together from very different church backgrounds for theological training – and why they passionately believe it matters

Graham Beynon, who is pastor of Grace Church, Cambridge, says: 'I'm looking forward to what we do together. Take church leadership. We're going to look at a biblical theology of church leadership, including our own spirituality as leaders. But then we will separate and I will talk about elderships, and you'll talk about PCCs and the other things I don't understand about the Anglican Church.

In other words, we'll have this shared foundation, and then divide for some of the more specialist areas. We'll also have the chance to bat things back and forth, and argue our corners.'

Mark Pickles, who is teaching Anglican Ministry Training, Homiletics, and Gospel Driven Leadership at Oak Hill, says: 'Paradoxically, I think training together equips you better. If you have students separated into an Independent college and an Anglican college, they will never have to engage in the questions each is asking of the other. And so there will be lots of things you never have to think through – until you're actually out in ministry. The Oak Hill approach gives you the opportunity of thinking through the issues together.'
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