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Photo of Jon Putt giving debt counselling in Grace Community Church, Kempson, Bedford
Jon Putt
Jon Putt works as part of the ministry team in Kempston, near Bedford.
Gabrielle Samuel
Gabrielle Samuel is part of a ministry team in Brixton.
Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne
Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne are part of the ministry team in Lindfield, Sussex.
Robin and Zoe Ham
Robin and Zoe Ham are in pioneer ministry in Barrow-in-Furness.
Tony Ford
Mark Smith, church planter in Dublin, talks about how theology resources the work he does now in ministry.
Tony Ford
Efrem Buckle, Pastor at Ecclesia in Lewisham, talks about the value of the theological training he received at Oak Hill.
Tony Ford
Phil Chadder, Chaplain of HM Prison, Brixton, talks about the essential value of theological education to his ministry.
Daf Meirion-Jones
Daf Meirion-Jones and Martyn Ayers work in a parish with council housing, university halls and three mosques.
Tony Ford
Tony Ford is chaplain to Oldham Rugby League Football Club, with many opportunities to do pastoral work and share the gospel.
Doug Moo
George Guthrie, Professor of Bible at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, talks to David Shaw about theological study and ministry.
Doug Moo
Douglas J Moo, Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, talks about his life and journey in theological education with Chris Ansberry.
David Powlison
David Powlison, Director of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, talks to Steve Midgely about biblical counselling.
Alister Chapman
Alister Chapman teaches history at Westmont College in California. He talks to Peter Sanlon about John Stott's role as a leader in evangelical Christianity.
Wes Hill
Wes Hill, the author of a book on homosexuality and Christian faithfulness, talks to Charles Anderson on a visit to Oak Hill.
David Bebbington
David Bebbington, Professor of History at the University of Stirling talks to Nick Tucker about evangelical history.
Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler, President of the Acts 29 Network, visited Oak Hill to talk about the gospel and how it has been misunderstood.
Wes Hill
Carl Trueman talks with Mike Ovey about the doctrines of scripture and justification in this three-part interview.
Jim Packer lecture
Jim Packer presents his views on "The Church and Schism", in a lecture delivered at the Oak Hill School of Theology, 2009.
Jim Packer
Jim Packer, the world-renowned theologian and author talks to Mike Ovey about theological training and the work of a pastor.
Tim Keller
Tim Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, spoke at a special half-day conference on preaching, 2008.
Sinead Bryan
Sinead Bryan is a former Oak Hill independent student.
Luke Foster
Luke Foster is a former Anglican ordinand who studied at Oak Hill.
Philippa Wehrle
Philippa Wehrle is a former independent student at Oak Hill.
Jon Putt
Jon Putt studied at Oak Hill as an independent student.
Efrem Buckle
Efrem Buckle is a former part time student at Oak Hill College.
Grace Forsythe
Grace Forsythe is a former independent student at Oak Hill.
Duncan Forbes
Duncan Forbes is a former independent student at Oak Hill.
Graham Beynon and Mark Pickles
Graham Beynon and Mark Pickles talk about how Oak Hill brings students together from Independent and Anglican churches.
Dan Strange
Dan Strange, who lectures in culture, religion and public theology at Oak Hill, talks about the meaning and value of apologetics.

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