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Oak Hill's foundation degree is a two-year programme which helps you understand the Bible in depth and apply it in today's cultures. We want you to share the Bible and its rich theology with Christians in the church community, but also with people who are sceptical, suspicious or just not interested in the faith of Jesus.

The subject areas in the degree include biblical theology, church history, doctrine, apologetics and preaching, plus contemporary culture, world religions, ethics, pastoral care and spirituality – among others.

Alongside these subjects, which every student at Oak Hill takes, you also specialise in theology and practice for Children and Youth. The modules include teaching the Bible to children and young people, developing a biblical model for youth work and evangelism and apologetics for young people.

The degree is designed to strike the right balance between training you for ministry in the widest sense and training you specifically for youth work. Our aim is to equip you for a lifetime of ministry, whether you stay in youth work or transition into other forms of church leadership in the future.

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