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Foundation Degree Arts (FdA) Theology

The Foundation Degree Arts (FdA) in Theology is a two-year programme designed to help you understand the Bible and how it applies in contemporary culture. Like all foundation degrees, it focuses on work-based learning, which makes it ideal for integrating the three strands of academic study, personal formation and practical training.

The degree starts and ends with a strong emphasis on unity. In the opening and closing terms there are modules which draw all the aspects of theology into an integrated and applied whole.

The Word of God module in the first term, for instance, features different faculty members showing how the Bible informs their individual disciplines, including ethics, apologetics and biblical studies.

A module on today's culture gives you an understanding of current world-views in society today, which in turn helps you understand how to do ministry in the real world. These modules are accompanied by an introduction to youth and children's ministry, taken by all students, because we are convinced that effective work among young people is essential to the health of the church as a whole.

The middle terms of the FdA embody diversity. Here you look at different yet connected topics of study which illuminate in detail all the aspects of theology. You focus on biblical, historical, doctrinal, cultural and practice-based modules.

One of Oak Hill's distinctives is the continuing importance and relevance of learning the biblical languages. Greek is compulsory for TPS and TCC streams and many students elect to learn Hebrew as well. You also study apologetics and preaching, and you can choose from subjects as diverse as women's ministry, philosophy, and the pastoral epistles.

In the final term, you step up for a wider view, taking in ethics, pastoral theology and care, and cross-cultural mission. The FdA takes you to the end of two years, which helps you lay the foundations for a well-rounded church ministry.


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